About Us

About Corcol Commercial Real Estate

Notions of constant and never ending improvement (Corcol) are what drive Corcol Commercial Real Estate.  Corcol was founded with the idea that commercial real estate professionals have an enormous responsibility to promote the business, entrepreneurship, and investment activities in their respective communities.  In fact, this notion is part of the Corcol mission.  It is our goal and honor to promote the business, entrepreneurship, and investment activities within Yuma County.  Doing so with passion is imperative to the future success of the region.

Increased Capital formation, investments, and growth are critical to Yuma County and allows the many communities within the area to flourish and be amazing places to work, live, and play.

Our team has a devotion to the craft as professional commercial real estate advisors and work diligently to promote the community and the greater Yuma County.  We are a team of hardworking, focused professionals with a passion for self-improvement, and we exemplify the Corcol mindset of constant and never ending improvement. ​

Our Services

Corcol Commercial Real Estate is based out of Yuma, Arizona and focuses on increased capital formation, investments, and growth within Yuma County.  Corcol focuses on Multifamily Investment property sales including RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks, Industrial and Office sales and leasing, as well as Retail sales and leasing.