Namaste at Studio Y
Namaste at Studio Y
Namaste at Studio Y

Namaste at Studio Y
By: Brikelle Corcoran
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Nestled right in downtown Yuma on Madison Ave., you’ll find the coziest little yoga studio owned by Amanda Pasquinelli. If you consider yourself a “yogi” or have never tried yoga, Studio Y is still the place for you. Whether you want to get a good workout in, or take it slow and just make some time to focus on yourself, dig out your yoga mat and schedule a class at the studio.
Amanda is passionate about yoga and “wants to just share it with the masses,” she stated. The studio was first opened in 2013 by Amanda’s friend, Cassie Wilson, and then Amanda purchased it from her in 2015. “I got in to yoga because I used to be a surfer. My shoulders started getting tight and yoga really helped with that and lengthened my muscles,” Amanda recalled. Amanda was born and raised in Yuma but started her yoga practice when she lived in California for school. “Yoga was my sanctuary and it made me feel a sense of community and a sense of belonging.”
If you’ve done yoga before, you know how important it is to focus on the breath. “Every breath is an opportunity to thrive,” stated Amanda.
When asked how she chooses which type of yoga classes to offer, Amanda replied that it’s all about listening to her clients and their demands. Believe it or not, the most popular class at the studio right now is Hot Yoga. So much so, that a cap might have to be implemented soon because of how crowded it gets. There has been a spike in the restorative and meditative classes also, as people are learning about mindfulness and meditation.
Amanda just welcomed her new baby boy into the world recently, and his name is Alexander Balthazar- nicknamed “Baz.” During her pregnancy, she did prenatal yoga and kept up with it until she was a week over-due. “It makes the childbirth easier because of all the work done on the pelvic floor; a lot of the poses are hip openers, which helps with the shifts your body makes during the pregnancy. It also helps calm the mind and your nervous system which helps you get good sleep and the breath aspect helps with the labor process,” Amanda excitedly explained.
When asked what Amanda is passionate about, she replied, “my kids, I’m passionate about food, music, film, art, and just living our best life.” In addition, there’s a reason people move back to Yuma, and it tends to be the common theme that Yuma has a small-town vibe. “You just feel safer, I feel like I’m a part of the community vs feeling isolated in a big city,” Amanda stated.

Lastly, Amanda wanted to announce the free yoga class offered at Studio Y on Sundays. “The scariest thing is taking the first leap to your first class, but most people say ‘I can’t believe I put this off for so long’,” she inserted. “Trying something new that you’re not familiar with is scary, but you’re fully supported there and it’s a non-competitive environment. You’ll leave wishing you had gone sooner.”
Make sure to check out their Facebook Page @StudioY.

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