Industrial Property

Logistics and Distribution   

Assisting logistics and distribution companies requires the highest levels of expertise with respect to design and construction requirements, and site selection requirements.  It is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that logistic and distribution companies face from management, timing, efficiency, and communication all with the goal of meeting demand and customer requirements at the point of consumption.  

SVN|Velocity leverages the SVN network, which allows our team to bring local knowledge combined with industry specific knowledge on a national scale.  SVN|Velocity has access to industry specific research which allows clients to compare site locations, construction costs, hard and soft development costs, as well as state and local tax structures, and development incentives all pertinent information when considering a new site location.  

Food Technology and Agribusiness 

Located in Yuma, AZ, a hot bed of agribusiness which adds $3.2 Billion a year to the state's GDP.  SVN|Velocity brings key experience and leverages industry wide relationships to assist and help businesses thrive in the Food Technology and Agribusiness sectors.  SVN|Velocity leverages our national network to source key partners and develop relationships with regional, national, and international market leaders. 

Farming/Business/Light Industrial

Local and regional businesses require current information regarding industry trends from a micro and macro perspective.  SVN|Velocity supports local and regional businesses and helps them make well informed business decisions based on the latest industry trends and other micro and macro economic factors that impact their respective industries.  We achieve this goal through relationships and collaboration with SVN Offices throughout the country and through active participation in the SVN Industrial product council, a network of SVN Brokers who specialize in the various Industrial product types.