Local Business Spotlight: Dream Gift Shop
Local Business Spotlight: Dream Gift Shop
Local Business Spotlight: Dream Gift Shop

By: Brikelle Corcoran, Corcol Commercial Real Estate

June 25th, 2019



If you have been to any of the shops in downtown Yuma, you know that the Dream Gift Shop is, well, dreamy. Featuring a wide variety of unique products, the shop is owned by Joely Beck and has been open downtown since 2012.

“I started as an online web business selling predominantly Barefoot Dreams and Little Giraffe brands with a few gift lines gearing towards babies and toddlers,” Joely stated. “The business was originally run out of my one-bedroom apartment and garage in Pacific Beach, California, and was known as dreamalittledreamwithme.com.”

Joely’s background and education is in Interior Design. She has worked for a local interior designer in Yuma, as well as a design studio in Del Mar, California. “Managing mostly the business aspects of the design studio was the fast start into the concept of profit and loss, and revenue and expense,” Joely explained.

Joely moved back to Yuma after having her two boys and noticed a need for a baby boutique. Her first shop was located on 24th Street until she moved downtown in 2012. She chooses products with the mindset of the following questions, “Will it fit cohesively with the overall design of the shop? Will it fulfill a need? Is it affordable to the average customer, and if not, will it be worth it for my higher end customer? And lastly, is it a brand and/or item that no other shop in Yuma is carrying?”

When asked what inspires Joely, she responded with “I love compassionate people who give more than they receive, I find them inspiring.” Keeping her income local and carrying USA made products is something she is passionate about.

Her plans for the future include meeting a continued need for unique gifts and items that can’t be found in large corporate stores in Yuma. “I would like to continue to make personal service a main desire to the local shoppers, hands-on service, delivery options, as well as our popular Wish Lists which we started with the opening of the downtown location,” stated Joely.

Lastly, Joely is passionate about Yuma. “I love the sense of community and the infectious compassion that Yuma draws for those in need of help and strength,” Joely concluded.

Dream Gift Shop is located at 250 S Madison Ave. Yuma, AZ 85364. Her business hours are: Monday – Saturday 10am-3pm.

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