Sprouts and Get Air Sports and the “Quality of Life” Analysis
Sprouts and Get Air Sports and the “Quality of Life” Analysis
Sprouts and Get Air Sports and the “Quality of Life” Analysis

Sprouts and Get Air Sports and the “Quality of Life” Analysis

By, Jerry LoCoco, Managing Director

Site selectors and corporate executives alike love to use the term “Quality of Life” as a key factor when choosing a new company location.  In fact, the term “Quality of Life” has been used for several decades, and throughout the years one fact remains: it is very difficult to quantify and measure the term “Quality of Life.”

So what is “Quality of Life?”  To some Yuma residence, the proximity to the Imperial Sand Dunes clearly adds to the quality of life for those who spend their time outside and enjoy off road activities, while to others, the Sand Dunes are merely large piles of sand they pass when headed to San Diego.  The dividing line in this scenario is more obvious as personal preference.  Lifestyle leads each group to their conclusion on the quality of life issue.

That leads us to the new Sprouts Farmer’s Market and Get Air Sports Trampoline Park.  Yes, there are nuances in preference like the Sand Dunes scenario, however, Site Selectors and Corporate Managers consider shopping and entertainment in their overall “Quality of Life” analysis.  This is where the scenario becomes clear.  Aside from the different products and overall health consciousness that is associated with the Sprouts brand, Sprouts Farmer’s Market unquestionably adds to the existing pool of shopping options.  The fact that as a community we can say we have a Sprouts does carry weight and adds to the overall picture portrayed to Site Selectors and Corporate Executives.  Sprouts, in a similar way as bike paths, portrays our community’s desire for a health conscience lifestyle, which happens to be highly relevant when under the Quality of Life analysis.

Get Air Sports offers indoor entertainment for the entire family (well almost the entire family!).  The bottom line is this: people work at companies, people have children, and people require positive healthy activities for their children.   Availability of family activities and entertainment plays a huge role in the “Quality of Life” analysis.  Site Selectors and Corporate Executives generally place great weight in this respect.  Get Air Sports says that “as a community, we value positive healthy activities for our children.”  A fact that site selectors and corporate executives take notice of.


Our commercial real estate team will emphasize these two projects throughout 2018 to continue to promote Yuma County to site selectors and corporate executives.  These are two projects that the community can be proud of and that will offer Yuma leverage in the future for adding to our “Quality of Life.”  Positive momentum is building within Yuma and there are amazing things happening in our community.  Yuma County is in line for positive growth and “Quality of Life” in 2018.

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